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Mobil Oil Research & Development Laboratory – Farmers Branch, Texas

My primary function at the Mobil Oil R&D lab was in the mailroom ( under the aegis of Office Services department, which also provided duplicating, binding and facsimile services to the other departments in the laboratory). I was responsible for timely pickup and drop off of all incoming and outgoing mail from the laboratory, as well as inter-departmental sorting and transfers to other Mobil Oil locations throughout the Dallas, Texas area. The laboratory was housed in a sprawling building designed by I. M. Pei, so in order to meet the high demand for timely deliveries several times a day, unmanned automatic delivery vehicles were used within the laboratory. Considered advanced technology at the time, I was responsible for the proper maintenance and operation of the system.

I also provided support to the rest of the Office Services team, running the advanced automatic duplicating machines, hydraulic 3-hole drill presses, hydraulic paper cutters, and other sophisticated binding equipment. I was also responsible for the routine maintenance of all of the laboratory’s standard copiers placed throughout the campus.