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Bespoke Bow Ties

In 2011, I designed my first set of bespoke bow ties, and have since built a business around bespoke and DIY bow ties with an e-commerce site.  

I developed a line of bow tie template shapes that are my own design. As of November, 2014, there are eight different styles in use. The templates are available as individual low-cost sewing patterns for the DIY/crafter/sewing market  , as well as a design file which can be used to create heavy-duty laser-cut acrylic sewing templates for the professional bow tie maker.  

In addition, I design and print my own unique textile patterns using these same eight bow tie shapes. These are available as pre-printed cut-and-sew DIY Bow Tie Kits.  

In 2013, my laser-cut acrylic bow tie templates design file was chosen as one of the Top 10 projects by, and is still featured on’s home page.  

The individual downloadable sewing patterns I designed are known as the best low-cost DIY bow tie sewing patterns on the internet. The step-by-step tutorial that accompanies them is a heavily-trafficked page on the web. Many fashion boutiques and startup mens accessories companies use my templates to create their own lines of bow ties.